CrowdtheCause is a Project Management company providing Customized Web Solutions, Social Media Management, Online Branding Growth and Crowdfunding campaign consulting and development to successfully raise funds. 

Founder, Kerry Walters, is an Online Marketing Professional, Crowdfunding specialist and Social Media expert, has seen the progression of the Crowdfunding & Social Media Community industry grow digitally since it's inception in the late 90's when she worked in the boom of the dot.com industry in Silicon Valley & San Francisco. There she helped bring the first community network of websites and chat software company, Talk City Marketing Group to a public offering. With over 20 years in marketing, sales and business development within traditional and emerging media as well as overall business development & small business operations, Kerry has proven her ability to bring new ideas & concepts to market. By creating effective awareness solutions that entice, engage and build a strong loyal community of targeted audiences, her strategies  lead to success of projects. With a sincere passion for Start-Ups, she has brought young companies a streamlined approach in operations to expedient execution that resulted in high profit margins to then be in a position to be sold in under 5 years. She is an entrepreneur, with a strong focus in operations, strategic business modeling/concepts and sales and marketing.

Having worked for major media outlets such as Viacom, Infinity Broadcast Corporation/CBS Broadcasting, Evergreen Media/Clear Channel Communications, Cox Interactive Media, Sony and Verizon, Kerry's experience spans consumer and technology markets across traditional & emerging media platforms. Her work with the NFL Alumni provided much opportunity to bring brands of all kinds immediate exposure through Professional NFL retired Players.  Her expertise lies in integrated strategic marketing and intangible customized advertising & fundraising development and management.

In her position as Vice President at a Children's Cancer Non-Profit Corporation, she ran all fundraising programs and managed the optimization of campaigns to bring in the necessary funds in order to help families with a child diagnosed with cancer. She also managed donor communication and retention, hiring of volunteers and operating their online and offline fundraising efforts. 

"With the amount of hard work it took to consistently bring in funds for the charity and their cause through traditional means, I continually went back to online fundraising through Social Media & Crowdfunding as the best method to 'CrowdtheCause' ", she says. "I then knew that I could help individuals with Entrepreneurial Dreams, Non-Profits Organizations, Small Businesses and Individuals with any need/cause with this overall understanding. The Social Media alone helps you succeed in any business."

By building, optimizing and managing Social Media & Crowdfunding campaigns with a customized and attentive "hands-on" approach, she and her team can change people's lives in their time of need and to build their businesses online- no matter the industry or the size.


We help others help you.

 Gratefully yours                      

Kerry Walters

Matthew Butterfield, Crowdfunding Specialist

Matthew joined CTC from the institutional investments arena, where he had a 16-year career at Nomura Asset Management.  In his most recent position there, Matthew had a client-facing role with lead responsibility for multiple institutional relationships, private and public alike.  Clients represented over USD 230 billion in assets under management and invested a combined USD 1.4 billion with Nomura, generating millions in annual revenue for the firm.  In addition, he was a key player in the firm’s business development efforts in the US and Canada, with USD 700 million raised from six clients.  Matthew also managed the firm’s outreach efforts with select investment consulting firms.  In previous roles at Nomura, he completed RFPs, populated consultant databases, performed composite calculations, and edited and wrote client reports.  He is a class of 1991 alumnus of Syracuse University, where he graduated cum laude while earning a BA with Honors in International Relations.  In 1996, he earned a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University.

Carolyn Smith, Research Manager Specialist


Carolyn joined CTC to lend her expertise from a varying array of industries.  Her excellent track record in research has been a strong skill set in order to excel in her career. She is a quick learner and easily adapts to whatever the needs of the clientele or industry needed. As an entrepreneur her position encompassed the running of service business where her strengths shone, not only in the day to day operations and delegation to staff, but in her ability to connect to her customers and prospective clientele through social media and blog content, crafted specifically to reach thousands and taking the business to heights that eclipsed their competitors.

Her previous work of almost a decade in the NYC real estate market, saw her master high end rentals and sales, by taking the novel approach of listening and delivering what the client desired. As a Short Sales specialist, she was able to work with banks and buyers to lift the burden of debt from her clients and sell their properties expediently. 


With marked experience in sales and a great understanding of the needs of the small business owner, from Mom and Pop and Startup to those whom are firmly entrenched in the markets but are unable to break their glass ceilings, Carolyn is able to help hone in on the types of strategies that will create the perfect formula of social media and PR that will excite and engage your target audience.