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QwikRide - Startup

Free individual/group rides in local towns, an app powered like uber w/out pay system Digital Community for offline user business

Reached backers and users through Social Media and other digital tactics to Crowdfund a campaign for the launch of the app in Manhattan, NY.

HomesIn- Startup of a new division

Building of Digital Communities of the local Real Estate Professionals in towns throughout the U.S. to reach first-time home buyers, flippers, and movers looking to buy new homes within a particular community. Traditional Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Lead delivery, and SEM are used for an excellent ROI.

NFL Alumni - New Division

Digital and Traditional Media NFL Alumni Enterprise Memberships customized and marketed to local, regional, and national brands in order to greatly assist in the brand awareness and sales of the client. NFL Alumni players, coaches, and cheerleaders are provided in various media and on-site with Super Bowl packages and more for the clients.

The Philanthropist- Startup

Reality-E/I Network Show featuring Philanthropist-based judges on stage, with Non-Profits competing for several opportunities that include Major Donations, Cause Marketing opportunities, Celebrity Endorsements, and more. Each Non-Profit explains its cause on stage through public speaking, statistics, videos, images, and declarations.

Recover4Me - StartUp

Digital Community App exclusive to those in Recovery from Addiction. Digital Community and Brand awareness built through Social Media

Bite Helper

The first and original wellness device to neutralize itch from bug bites

Managed Social Media to a viral campaign worldwide, established Cause Marketing with major Non-Profit and B2B partnerships on Social to assist in creating a Reseller Program, and overall, the company sold 30k+ units in a 3-month summer period

LittleDogsLife- Community App

A free exclusive community and unique social network app with a personalized furbaby marketplace for small-breed dog owners of all kinds of little dogs. Join for free and participate across the world with little dog owners in all types of activities.

Dogs Life Brands, LLC

Creators and manages Digital Exclusive Community-Focused Brands for like-minded people worldwide that want to join others that have either a small-breed dog - Little Dogs Life™, or a larger breed dog - Big Dogs Life™. Both proprietary community app platforms are free-to-join digital communities for “Super Humans”, aka insatiable dog lovers. DLB provides a harmonious place for individuals to connect and meet hyper-local new friends with little or big dogs alike, as well as across the world. There are several fun, user-generated and app-enabled activities that the owner and dog alike can share with others on the app.

BigDogsLife- Community App

A free exclusive community and unique social network app with a personalized marketplace for larger-breed dog owners of all kinds of medium-sized to larger-breed dogs. Join for free and participate across the world with big dog owners in all types of activities.

About CrowdTheCause

Whether it be Digital Transformation or creating a New Digital Product, we build brands with innovative software applications, products, and services, while optimizing opportunities to validate your idea to reality by achieving a targeted community that expands around your vision as you grow while we are crowding your cause.

A Turn-Key Solution- we provide the development to create and craft your applications while building a digital, targeted community, optimize at launch and continue to market to reach the goals of your business.

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