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Crowdfunding is when an individual or group uses the power of the Internet to raise funds from like-minded individuals in support of an invention/new product, a business in need of capital, an innovative or artistic project or a philanthropic cause.


Social Media Platforms offer more solutions today than ever to build your crowd or clients needed to support your cause or business! We have the expertise to not only build your followers and fans, but to choose the most effective platforms to do so, and with the right content that speaks your brand's personality.  Social Media is essential today for all businesses and we are entrusted with companies brand. Your online reputation is important and we know how to preserve it and interact with your clients, customers, fans and followers. We provide growth plans to test platform advertising to determine which ad set and platform works best for your goals. 

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Project Management Services

- Crowdfunding consultation &


- Campaign management &


- Website design & development

- Blog Management

- Creative Writing

- Postings on various platforms 

- Social Media Management

- Progressive Content Creation

- Online Reputation Management

- Target audience/Crowd creation

- Affiliate Marketing

- Cause Marketing

- Proprietary App Development

- Solutions Research

- Email List Building

- Email Newsletter Build

- Email Marketing

- Copy Writing

- Content/Graphic Maintenance

- New Media Optimization

- Public Relations

- Event Marketing

- Donation Marketing Strategy

- Facebook Advertising

- Twitter follower optimization

- Pinterest, Instagram, Google+

- LinkedIn Optimization

- Progressive Grass-Roots



CrowdtheCause™ is a Project Management Company. We take on projects that provide a step to step solution to growing your "crowd" on social media, Crowdfunding consulting, development, management and optimization. We grow businesses! Whether it is copy writing, social media management, posting for increased viewership on various platforms, online reputation management, vendor management or brand creation and awareness, we take it on strategically leading to success. Each project is carefully developed with a custom, "hands-on" approach. We help Inventors establish funding for manufacturing, Start-ups find round funding to grow, Non-Profit organizations find and retain donors, Producers find their financing and audiences, individuals in need, entrepreneurs with big dreams and small businesses raise needed capital. We work with the most effective Social Media and Crowdfunding platforms that will suit your target market and campaign for an effective and reachable raise. Social Media is our expertise and we take it to another level through experience. We take on short term and lengthy projects with your Cause in mind. 

Crowdfunding campaigns for your cause. Everywhere, every cause can be crowded.
Crowdfunding campaigns for your cause. Everywhere, every cause can be crowded.

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